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Our scratch-made food comes from small local farms that raise their animals ethically and naturally.

We believe the best food is found right outside your door.

The Farmer’s Daughter food truck is the brainchild of Jillian Gay. A graduate of Portland's Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Jill always dreamed of creating a business making the food she loved – farm-fresh breakfast items, with eggs and pork at the top of her list – but could never understand why they were considered just "morning" foods. Putting her creations on a food truck was a perfect way to elevate her dream dishes beyond breakfast.

Jill, literally the daughter of a farmer, moved back to Spokane, Wash., and partnered with her father, Dave Gay. His New Ground Farm in Deer Park, became the main source for The Farmer’s Daughter’s non-GMO, free-range, and all natural hogs, cattle, poultry, and eggs. Truly as "Farm-To-Truck" fresh as you can get. Keeping her sources local and of high standards is of utmost importance, so Spokane was a natural choice for Jill to launch the truck. The Farmer’s Daughter food truck adds to her family's legacy of proud Spokane-based businesses, including Tourfactory, an online leader in real estate photography, and Rejuvenate-RX spa services.







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